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Are you currently suffering from a water damage event? If your area is prone to flooding, then you must read this article to know why extracting water is essential.

Your property can suffer water damage due to natural disasters like flooding, river overflows, or internal pipe flooding. You have to call water extraction services to prevent more damage after the accident. Ideally, a good water extraction process is efficient and quick, and it helps protect your property and reduce the chances of future damage.

What Is Water Extraction?

It is a process by which we remove excess water from the floor and objects from the property. It is a challenging and laborious process, and Most people employ professional water restoration experts who have the necessary tools, experience, and manpower to extract huge quantities in record time. They also fix issues and leaks to reduce future water damage issues.

The most critical factor in water extraction is the time it takes to remove all the water. Water extraction should be done as fast as possible to reduce the risk of property damage and prevent mold growth and return your house to its happy condition.

Our experts first stop the water source, drain out excess water, remove wet objects, dry out the surfaces in the room, use equipment to improve the evaporation speed and dehumidify the area to reduce the chances of mold formation. To increase the extraction speed, they pump out the water using heavy-duty industrial pumps and use air movers and vacuum to extract water from the carpets.

Do you want to remove gallons and gallons of water without the right equipment day in and day out? We don’t advise it. It is better to call experts to deal with the damage and restoration process. You can follow the steps mentioned below to know what it takes to extract water completely from your property.

Here are the common water extraction steps.

  1. Locate and stop the source of water or excess: Sometimes, it’s easy, like switching the main supply and fixing the broken pipe.
  2. Check for safety hazards: Make sure you check the electric connection and don’t get hurt or, worse, get electrocuted in the extraction process.
  3. Extract the excess water and dry the area: Use heavy-duty pumps and vacuums to pull water out of the flooring and carpet. You can then put a cleaning solution to reduce the chances of mold formation.
  4. Disinfect and sanitize: Use a tested cleaning solution to protect your property from bacterial buildup and eliminate odors caused by molds and stagnation.
  5. Dehumidify: It will help you remove the air’s moisture and help evaporate and dry out the furniture, walls, and room at a faster rate.

Standing water can seep into your building’s ground and damage your house’s walls and foundation, which can put you and your family at risk. Also, it helps mold growth, which can cause allergic reactions, aggravated asthma, and infections due to the presence of bacteria in indoor air.

Most insurances cover restoration costs, while issues caused due to standing water and carelessness like mold, rot, and property loss are not covered in regular property insurance. So, it makes sense to employ professionals as soon as you encounter a water damage situation.

The bottom line is you should act immediately in a waterflood situation. The best possible solution is to let the professionals do the work unless you like spending your days like pauper clearing and scrubbing

Call 760-815-3033 whenever emergency restoration services are needed. Pacific flood responds immediately to your calls, and our fast response will help you reduce your damage and further decrease the repair cost. Call us to get a free consultation today.

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