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 The damaged roof top of the house in San Marcos, CA

Maintaining a big property can be challenging. The most problematic area of the building is always the roof as it is heavily exposed to all the elements like rain, dust, storms, etc.

In this article, you will learn how to maintain your roof and the common causes of damage.

What are the causes of roof leaks?

There can be different reasons for roof damage. Here are some of them:

  1. Damaged roof surface: Your roof can be damaged by weather conditions involving strong wind current, debris, heat, snow, water puddles, which can lead to cracks and damage.
  2. Damaged Vents: The air quality is heavily affected if roof vents are not cleaned and debris or blockage is not removed regularly. They can also get involved by massive objects falling on them during Storm like trees etc.
  3. Excess moisture and attic condensation: It can lead to lower indoor air quality, mold, and wood rot. Make sure you inspect your attic frequently to check for moisture and mold growth.
  4. Aging of roof, holes, and improper sealing: As soon as you see a hole in your roof, make sure you patch it as soon as possible, plus replace the parts of the roof which have aged and stopped correctly doing its function. Ensure you check the sealing is done correctly and did not erode due to ice or natural elements.
  5. Extreme Weather can cause enormous damage; heavy downpours, strong winds, and hail can seriously affect your roof integrity.

The best way to repair roof damage is to inspect and find the damage at its initial stages. Please make sure you get your roof, and the systems around it examined through a roof inspection service.

The contractors and inspectors will usually look into the following things:

  1. Supporting structures: They check if the structures are structurally sound and not infested with mold or animals.
  2. Roof condition: Check for the roof edges as they are more prone to damage due to moisture buildup, leading to wood rot or mildew.
  3. Roof Installation: The roof is mostly installed with chimneys, exhaust fans, and solar panels, leading to damage if not installed correctly.
  4. Roof Drainage: Ensure there is no ponding or standing water on the roof and eliminated the reason.

Get your roof inspected every time a severe weather disturbance like a hurricane or hailstorm occurs and schedule a maintenance inspection every six months.

Contact your insurance agent and get professional restoration contractors to fix your roof if you see some severe damage roof systems. It is not advised to do roof repairs on your own as it can be risky, and the chances of injury are high as it is a critical structural part of the property.

But, you can do a few things while waiting for professionals to minimize the damage, like using dehumidifiers to remove the water and moisture from the roof, and determining the wet parts of the building using a moisture meter. Using an air scrubber with a HEPA filter to restore indoor air quality and ventilate your area to remove humidity.

Do not touch the heavily infested mold areas as you can contaminate other areas of the process. Hire a mold remediation team, and if you have a tiny patch, make sure you wear proper safety gear and respirators before cleaning it with a mold cleaner bleach.

The roof leak repair cost varies depending on the size, material, and labor involved in the restoration. Do check your coverage with your agent before you call the professionals.

Pacific flood responds immediately to your calls, and our fast response will help you reduce your damage and further decrease the repair cost. Call 760-815-3033 to get a free consultation today.

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