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woman looking at damage after a water pipe leakP

Is your business getting affected by water damage due to flooding or other water-related accidents? Working in a damaged commercial property can be a huge risk for you and your employee’s health and safety.

You should immediately take action whenever you spot any sign of water damage. Restoration of commercial establishments is more complicated than residential properties as there are many factors, including the size of the establishment and the time constraint.

It would help if you found a solution that can be quick efficient and does not risk employees’ health, and helps restore the structural integrity of your establishment. The best way to keep your property away from damages is to know causes and prevention methods to help you manage your establishment in the long run.

Below are some common causes of water damage in your commercial property :

  1. Damaged Roof: Water accumulation in the roof or exposure to heavy rain or snow makes your roof prone to damage leading to leaking ceiling, mold, fire hazards due to increased chances of shorts in the wire.
  2. Damaged Pipes: Most of the damages require special leak detection machines. Pipes can be damaged due to pressure changes, old fixtures, cold weather – freezing pipes are more likely to burst. If you observe building walls, stains, loose tiles, or musty smells in any area, it might be a sign of pipe damage.
  3. Damaged Windows: Make sure you reseal windows as caulk breaks down as it ages. Without proper sealing, moisture can seep in and cause problems, including mold and warped walls.
  4. HVAC issues: Clean the ducts regularly and remove any excess water from the system. Make sure you check your HVAC system for wear and tear with age.
  5. Damaged building foundation: Leak in the foundation or constant puddle due to clogged gutters or inadequate drainage can lead to structural damage.
  6. Clogged Sewer: Professionals should clean it up as the water is contaminated heavily with pathogens and illness-causing bacteria

You can easily prevent water damage from occurring and reduce the chances of having a costly repair or business interruption by just getting your building inspected professionally at frequent intervals and preventing leak and maintenance issues.

Other prevention methods include:

  1. Get a flood monitoring system – It can help you get the warning in time and help you mitigate plumbing failures, overflows, and snow melting fast.
  2. Get property insurance to cover your commercial establishment – It will help you manage your restoration and deal with the cost related to property damage.
  3. Get water damage inspection regularly – Ensure you detect leaks by spot sensor and humidity monitors at least once in six months.

If you find water damage that has led to mold build-up, you should fix the water source, hire a water damage restoration professional, and get the cleanup done by a certified specialist.

You can also invest in equipment like air movers, scrubbers, and commercial dehumidifiers to reduce moisture in the air and prevent mold growth. Make sure you use professional services when dealing with contaminated water or structural damage to your property.

In conclusion, you should address water damage fast and prevent it by monitoring and taking action to stop it from becoming a severe problem.

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