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The Working tools on a wooden floor at San Marcos, CA

Water is one of the most destructive forces on the planet. If it enters your home and is left to sit untreated for a long time, you could end up with extensive property damage. That’s why you must act fast when water damage occurs.

What if there was a way to prevent flooding before it starts? With home waterproofing, you can do just that. Here are six reasons to make waterproofing a priority.

  • Avoid costly damage: A flood can destroy furniture, carpet, electronics, and other belongings. In addition to water damage, flooding can also lead to mold growth if not addressed quickly. This presents a whole new level of property damage and could prevent you from salvaging many of your water-damaged possessions.
  • Protect the structural integrity of your home: It’s easy to notice damp carpet or water leaking in through your windows, but underlying structural damage could be occurring out of sight. For example, oversaturated soil and hidden water seepage can lead to foundation cracks, bowed walls, and compromised floors. These problems can be incredibly frustrating and expensive to repair, so the best option is to prevent them in the first place with waterproofing.
  • Create a healthier home environment: Mold begins growing within 24 to 48 hours of materials becoming saturated. Even high indoor humidity can lead to hidden mold growth behind the walls and floors. At the very least, mold causes an unpleasant musty odor. But if a toxic strain grows or anyone in your family has a sensitive respiratory system, serious health problems could occur.
  • Lower your heating and cooling costs: Waterproofing reduces indoor humidity, making your home more comfortable and less expensive to heat and cool. Plus, your efforts to keep moisture out also limit air leaks and heat transfer between the indoors and outside. This tighter external envelope further reduces your utility costs.
  • Increase your home’s value: Waterproofing the most vulnerable parts of your home is an effective way to appeal to buyers. After all, aspiring homeowners want peace of mind that their investment isn’t liable to flood the next time a big storm hits. You may even be able to increase your asking price thanks to your efforts.
  • Save on insurance premiums: Homebuyers aren’t the only ones interested in your waterproofing methods. Your homeowner’s insurance provider may discount your premiums if you seal your foundation, install a drainage system, and perform other waterproofing steps.

As you can see, a waterproof home is a healthier, more protected, and more affordable home. Have you been affected by a flood before having the chance to implement waterproofing efforts? Let Pacific Flood Restoration help you recover.

We serve San Diego and the surrounding areas, with 24-hour response teams to lend a hand when you need us most. Once we’ve restored your home to its pre-flood condition, you can look into waterproofing efforts to prevent a recurrence. Contact us today at 832-294-5462 to schedule the water damage restoration and mold remediation services you need!

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