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San Marcos city takes steps to keep you safe during heavy rains. It can cause flooding, debris, power outages, hazardous driving conditions, sinkholes, etc., which is why you also have to know how to prepare for rain if you are a San Marcos resident.

In case your property has already suffered a water damage event, make sure you call proper water damage restoration professionals in San Marcos to help you fix it before the rains.

How Should You Prepare?

  • Ensure you refresh your family emergency preparedness plans and prepare your property for potential flooding whenever the city weather department predicts heavy rainfall.
  • As a resident, you can inspect your property to check for the condition of rain gutters, storm drain, and roof so that your house doesn’t suffer possible water damage due to leakage.
  • Consider mulching, terracing, or planting things to prevent erosion due to the downhill flow of mud, water, and debris to prevent soil erosion after a storm.

Steps You Can Take Before the Flood to Prepare for Potential Flooding :

  • Keep the important documents safe: Make sure all paper, including mortgage papers, deeds, passports, bank information, is in a sealed plastic bag, watertight container, or a secure place outside the home like a bank deposit box.
  • Collect and save receipts of expensive household items as proof of original costs for insurance. Store your photos and valuable possessions along with other essential documents
  • Please make a list of possessions not listed and photograph to create a comprehensive list to make it easier to file a claim.
  • Keep your policy and insurance agent’s contact information just in case you need to file a claim.

Heavy rains can cause soil erosion in areas not covered by lawns, trees, plants, and the water, and the debris and mud can damage homes and properties and create more destruction by flooding roads and clogging storm drains.

You can subscribe to e-alerts by visiting our website and check the city website to stay updated on the latest safety information.

If your place is suffering from water damage and flooding, you can call a water damage restoration company in San Marcos.

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