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The Water damaged in flor in home at San Marcos, CA

As a homeowner, you already know that water can cause serious damage to your home. According to insurance claims, only hail and wind cause more damage to homes. Here are a few tips for preventing water damage to your home.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

The purpose of your home’s gutters and downspouts is to channel rain water away from the foundation of your home. If yours are clogged up with leaves, pine needles, oak blossoms, acorns or other debris, torrents of rain water can flow off the side of your roof and form puddles near your home. This standing water can seep into the foundation of your home and cause erosion, mold and other problems. Be sure to clean your gutters at least twice a year, and make sure your downspouts aren’t blocked. Also check the bottom of these downspouts to confirm that they are channeling water away from your home’s foundation. If they aren’t, you can install a downspout extension, which is usually in the form of a flexible plastic tube.

Manage Your Vegetation

If your gutters and downspouts are well-maintained but there are still puddles near the foundation of your house, consult a landscaper about planting shrubs or other vegetation to soak up that water. But keep in mind that plants can also contribute to water damage. If a tree or shrub with large roots is growing over a utility pipe, it can cause a water leak. The sooner you notice these misplaced plants, the easier they should be to remove. Large roots can be difficult to remove.

Maintain Appliances

Every home has a number of appliances with water connections. This obviously includes your water heater, washing machine and dishwasher but also includes your refrigerator if it has an ice maker or water dispenser. These water connections can get compromised with age, or twisted when appliances are moved or jostled. From time to time, check these water connections for leaks or wear.

Fix Leaks Immediately

A small leak can cause major damage to your home if left unfixed. Check your home for signs of leakage. This can include the softening or warping of floors, mold and mildew on walls, lower water pressure, or faint dripping sounds within walls. If you notice any of these symptoms, look for a leak or call a plumber. If your home requires water damage restoration resulting from a lack of maintenance, those damages might not be covered by insurance.

Check That Water Bill

If your water expenses go up unexpectedly, this may indicate a water leak. Check for any of the symptoms mentioned above. Ask neighbors if they also saw their water expenses increase.

Pacific Flood Restoration is a leading water damage repair company in San Diego. We can help you prevent water damage and fix whatever damage your home may have sustained. We have a reputation for integrity and high-quality services. Give us a call at 832-294-5462 or contact us online if you find signs of water damage in your home.

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