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Mold in your home is something that most homeowners may not think about very often, but when it happens you want to act quickly. The rate of  growth for mold varies, but due to drywall being so porous, it can grow as quickly as 1 to 12 days. Some things to look out for regarding mold is that sometimes you can’t look out for it. There are times when mold grows and it’s not visible, but mold will always have a smell. It may not be strong, but it is often described as musty. If you smell something that’s just off, and you suspect it may be mold, it is imperative to act as quickly as possible. That’s why Pacific Flood Restoration is available 24/7 to keep you, your family, and your home a safe place to be. You can call us anytime at 760-815-3033.

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