Water damage scenarios are extremely time-sensitive. Standing water and moisture creates a perfect sanctuary for mold and bacteria. Prolonged exposure to such environments can lead to allergic reactions and diseases. While it is possible to clean up and dry out the water yourself, it involves risking your health, well-being, and property. We tend to underestimate the extent of water damage caused by a particular situation. Without appropriate training and experience, it is hard to find out all the possible areas of damage after a water event.

Reasons to call a water restoration company for water damages:

1. Inspection of the property:  Involving a water restoration company ensures that nothing is overlooked. Professionals have the necessary experience and training in handling such situations. They have better equipment which is helpful in faster extraction of water. Removing humidity from the air and sanitizing the environment which helps in preventing unwanted mold and bacterial growth. 

2. Fixing & Detecting the Leak: You should immediately contact a professional emergency restoration service in cases of a pipe burst or roof leak if the water contains detergents, urine, or is unsanitary water like sewage, river flooding, or bacteria-infested long-standing water. They should also be called in cases when you the first signs of mold formation or if you detect a stale/ musty odor. 

3. Waterproofing the problem areas: You can prevent water damage by preventing it in earlier stages by getting the areas where water rots insulated and waterproofed by a professional. Or if you see walls swelling or bucking of wooden floors or laminations. Material like drywall, carpets, and insulations should be replaced and restored by a professional as it might expose you to toxic substances like lead and asbestos. 

Whenever you are clueless about a water situation to ensure proper steps to curb damage to your property, get your problem checked by a restoration professional. While waiting for professionals, you can turn off the main water and electrical supply in the affected area to prevent accidents and ensure that you keep children and pets away from the affected area to illness. 

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