It is important to treat even minor leaks in your plumbing system as it can be a breeding ground for a much major issue of mold infestation as the mold spores can germinate in less than 48 hours.

Here are some water damage restoration tips you can follow:

1. Locate the leak: You can see visible water droplets from your ceiling or walls, but its essential to locate the primary source of water to help fix the root of the problem. You should mop the excess water by absorbent materials unless the water source is an unhygienic sewage backup. It’s important not to remove yourself from the space and let the trained professionals handle it in the aftermath.

2. Remove damaged articles: It is essential to remove the water soaked upholstery and furniture. If the drywall has absorbed a lot of water, it is crucial to replace it as it can pose a hazard because of the damage caused to its structural integrity.

3. Check for the mold: Before coming in contact with mold, it is essential to wear protective gear, including a dust mask, gloves, and safety goggles.

4. Make repairs: If the mold surface is small, it is easy to replace that portion of the drywall. You can do that by removing the affected part by cutting it into square or rectangle making it easier to replace it by a new drywall sheet, put joint compound on the holes and use sandpaper to give it a smooth finish. Call professional contracts if the damage is widespread or the mold infestation is severe to protect the health of you and your family.

5.Ensure there is no water damage again: Fix any leaky plumbing and cover the damaged wall with a waterproof primer before painting it to make the entire surface resistant to moisture.

6. Finish the clean-up: It’s necessary to remove all the debris and paint cans with precaution and vacuum all the resulting dust to finish the restoration process.

7. Contact professionals: In severe issues such as mold infestation or substantial water damage, it is vital to move out of the area and let a professional handle the restoration process.

Whenever you find the damage overwhelming or a severe mold infestation, it’s beneficial to employ and wait for water restoration experts.


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