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When you encounter a crisis like water or flood damage, the key to any restoration process of saving whatever is left of your home or business is immediate action. Give us a call now to minimize the damage as soon as possible!

Water Damage Restoration Encinitas, CA

Water damage restoration Encinitas, CA | Encinitas Encinitas water damage services | Water remediation service EncinitasIf you are under an unfortunate circumstance of having to deal with water damage restoration services and are looking for a Water Remediation Service in Encinitas, you might not know who to call or what to do.

However, one thing to definitely remember in times like these is that time is an extremely important factor when dealing with flood water damage repair in Encinitas. Therefore, although you call our specialists for water damage restoration in Encinitas, CA, there are a few things that you can do before we arrive.

On the contrary, there are a few things that you should definitely NOT do on your own.

Encinitas Water Damage Services

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Water Damage Rescue: Our list of DO’s
Water Damage Restoration Encinitas, CA: The list of DON’T’s from the best water remediation service Encinitas

To help you out when you’re in a panic and you just want to contain as much damage as possible, here are a few things to be pro-active about:

Water Damage Rescue: Our list of DO’s:

– Blot and mop up as much water as possible in the affected area.
– Wipe down furniture with dry cloths to eliminate as much water in the area and damage affected to the furniture.
– If you have curtains or draperies, lift them from the carpet or remove them completely if the water is on the carpet. Hang them up, as well – just in case.
– If your furniture cushions have gotten wet, you can easily prop them up somewhere dry so they also have a chance of getting dry. If you have access to small wooden blocks or aluminum foil, you can place them under furniture legs to stop the spread and soak up water.
– If you have removable rug or carpeting or other floor coverings, remove them immediately. The faster you do this, the less wet they will be or the less damage they will cause.
– If you have furniture that has gotten wet, open up all the drawers, allowing them to air dry as much as possible. You should also consider opening up closet doors, luggage or bags if they were also affected.
– If you have artwork or valuable photos, etc., move them immediately to a drier location before they too are affected.
– Take any type of wet fabrics that you may have and hang them up high, drying them in a separate room that is set at room temperature.
– If you have a bookshelf or a library that is located in the affected area, take all the books out and leave them open, allowing them to dry or eliminating the chance that they will get wet from the moisture.
– In general, gather all the loose items that are located scattered about the floor.
– If it’s warm outside, meaning the outside temperature is greater than 60, you should use dehumidifiers throughout the house or damaged area.
– You can also use portable fans to begin the drying process.

Without certifications, you can easily do some, if not, all of those tasks to help aid in water damage cleanup if your home is affected.

However, while waiting for us to help with your water damage restoration in Encinitas, CA you should avoid doing this:

Water Damage Restoration Encinitas, CA: The list of DON’T’s:

– Do NOT turn on or use a household vacuum to attempt to remove the water.
– If an electrical appliance is on the wet carpet or floor or if YOU are on the wet carpet or floor, do NOT use electrical appliances.
– If there has been a flood and you are waiting for our flood damage restoration specialists to arrive, do NOT go into those rooms that have standing water if the electricity is still on.
– If you have a tacked-down carpet, do NOT try and lift it yourself—this can damage the carpet and even shrink it.
– Do NOT wait!!! Simply by calling us for water damage restoration in Encinitas, CA, as quickly as possible can help salvage as much as you can. If you wait, mold growth and bacteria can begin growing – even within hours.
– If there is a ceiling fixture – especially if the ceiling is wet, do not turn it on! If you can avoid it, try to avoid these rooms altogether, especially if the ceiling begins to sag.

Water Damage Rescue:

Depending on what type of household or apartment you may live in or which type of building your business is in, water damage can happen anywhere.

We here at Pacific Flood Restoration have a reputation for integrity and quality of service. We can pinpoint where the water damage is and how to restore the area to get it back to normal.

We are dependable, always on time, courteous, and ethical. We want to impress you with our service and earn your repeat business or referral.

Since we want you to be as informed as possible, here are a few areas of where water damage can occur:

– In partition walls made of plaster or wood
– In timber joist floor in the sound boarding, insulation, pugging, soffits or lagging
– In the flooring, whether it’s concrete, boards, marquet, textile covering, carpet, insulation or floating screed
– In the internal walls, whether it’s made of brick, concrete, plaster, timber—including the frame
– In masonry, like concrete, solid walls, stone, cob, in the cavity walls, in the sand-lime brick insulation, and in fair-faced masonry
– In the flat roof made of concrete, felt, bitumen, with tanking and gravel and insulation
– In the balcony or terrace whether it’s made planted, with floor slabs or with gravel
– In the suspended ceiling in slats, sheeting, lath, and plaster, with ceiling tiles, voids, and conduits
– In the foundation or foundation walls, ground slab made of concrete or topping damp-proof course, vapor barrier

Water Damage Restoration Encinitas, CA: Best Water Remediation Service Encinitas

Fortunately, Pacific Flood Restoration, as the leading service provider for water damage restoration Encinitas, CA, we accept all insurances for any jobs and are backed with accreditations and 5-Star Reviews. Although we know there are a few restoration companies in Encinitas, we are glad you are considering us as your service provider for water damage restoration in Encinitas, CA.

Whether you are looking for emergency help or browsing around in case of an emergency, let us be your one-stop, all-inclusive resource for water damage restoration Encinitas, CA. We know how important your home is and we also know the importance of the essence of time – especially in water damage circumstances. We will work with you and your home to get it back to where it was before the damage took place. Whether it was caused by flooding, pipes or any other circumstance, we will do our best to give your loving home or business a fighting chance against water damage.

Ana was extremely quick and thorough in responding to all of my initial questions, prior to setting up an appointment. Steve came out to inspect the area and gave me honest feedback. He could have suggested a quick fix, but it wouldn’t have taken care of the cause. Very much appreciate working with a team that provides great service and honest feedback.

Honest and reliable. Steve was informative and professional. He provided a great assessment and recommendations. Technician completed work removing damaged drywall following a sudden water leak in our home. Timely and good quality work. Definitely would recommend. Our experience with the big chain restoration companies was not so good so we’re glad to know Pacific Flood Restoration is around.

We also provide flood damage service in Carlsbad, CA and many other locations.

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