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Water damage clean up Carlsbad:

Your Questions Answered

Water damage cleanup questions & topics:

When is flood damage covered by insurance in Carlsbad?
Who is liable for flood damage from flat above?
– What is water damage in a house?
– Water damage in your home: will it damage hardwood floors?
– Will it damage concrete?
– Can water damage fiber optic cable?
Water damage restoration Carlsbad – costs and additional tips and steps
– Can water damage be fixed?

If you have water damage and mold and are looking for water damage clean up in Carlsbad, finding the help you need and getting the water damage restoration service you’re looking for isn’t just as simple as picking up the phone and making an appointment.

You have questions and we have answers. We hope that by being a source for your flood water damage repair in Carlsbad, CA and employing water damage specialists to meet your needs, we can handle the entire job you have from top to bottom, including structural drying, personal content restoration, deodorizing, final clean up, and repairs. With every complete job, especially done on your home or business, we know that you’ll have questions about your personal items and the restoration of your belongings and household.

Here are our most frequently asked questions, mixed in with flood cleanup tips from specific situations like flood damage in the basement to simply going over details here at Pacific Flood Restoration for flood damage restoration in Carlsbad.

So without further ado, here is: Water damage clean up Carlsbad – Your Questions Answered:

Water damage clean up Carlsbad:

1. When is flood damage covered by insurance?

Every policy is different, however, there are some basics when it comes to insurance and with Pacific Flood Restoration, you will never be turned down because of your insurance – we accept all kinds! However, generally speaking, there is a seemingly “regular” policy that is most used by our clients that covers certain types of water damage.

There are various different types of water damage. Depending on the fine print of your policy (or the very large print), it may be possible that flood damage is covered. Even though every policy is different and we can’t possibly say what your is without reading it, we will help see what your insurance covers and what it doesn’t cover – but you will never be turned down as a customer because of it. We are here to help you in whatever way we can.

Here are the most common types of water damage found in most insurance policies. You will find these terms normally on a policy but need to pay attention to whether they are issuing the term or name because they are included/covered or are bypassed and excluded in your policy.

– Sudden or Accidental Discharge
– Sewer backup or water backup
– Overflow
– Flood
– Storm Related Water Damage

Most “gradual damages” aren’t included in a policy claim because they often result from negligence or growing problems over time. In these cases, you might be denied through your insurance policy, so if you are suffering from any of these types of water damages, come talk to us:

– Damage to the walls, ceilings or floors caused by faulty plumbing, faucets or leaking pipes
– If the water damage in your home is caused by cracks in the foundation or at the exterior of your home where water has seeped through
– If you have flashing, tiles, shingles or deteriorating parts on the roof that previously should have been replaced or repaired and caused damage
– If water damage is caused by mold, rot or corrosion
– If the electrical wiring in your home or business has been deteriorating
– If the water damage is a result of poorly done repairs or a lack of repairs

2. Who is liable for flood damage from flat above?

Of course, every policy is different but in these cases, normally, your insurance should cover it. Although it was the negligence of the flat above, you should contact your insurance and they will go over the insurance claim on your house contents policy. Normally, since the insurance covers your home, it should pay under the escape of water section.

For reasons and responsibilities unknown to you, your insurer should then either subrogate on the insurer of the flat above to get their money back, because they originally caused the damage or provided that the flat above was actually liable at law and covered by insurance, then they will pay.

What’s best is to talk with the resident or landlord of the flat above you and ask them to pass the matter on to his or her insurance – even though that usually isn’t such an easy situation.

3. Water damage clean up Carlsbad: What is water damage in a house

Even though we’ve already mentioned what general insurance policies should or usually do not cover, it doesn’t limit the actual variety of the different types of water damage that can happen in your house.

Here are certain water damage instances that can occur within a house:

– Burst or leaky pipes
– Appliance malfunctions like damage from dishwasher
– Water coming down or out from a leaking shower
– Water entering the home from a broken or faulty roof
– Simple accident like the faucet in a bathtub was left running
– Mother nature like flooding or a tree tumbling into your home

Water damage clean up Carlsbad – Your Questions Answered

4. Water damage in your home: will it damage hardwood floors?

Yes, absolutely. Although you might have the top-of-the-line wood that may seem impenetrable, you should know that more moisture is then absorbed by the unfinished part of the wood – on the underside of the boards. This will then slowly turn to “cupping”, when water saturates a wood floor and the bottom of the board expands much more than the top. When looking at an instance of “cupping” you’ll notice that the course in the wood seems to be raised at the seams, giving it a wavy finish.

This is because the wood’s cellulose fibers will soak up that water as fast as it can but won’t release it any time soon. The wood panels on your floors can be penetrated between the seams, within the breaks of the coating, under the baseboards surrounding the flooring, and through the heating.

If you do have a case where the hardwood floors get wet not only should you remove the water – you should also make sure all the dirt is also removed.

5. Will water damage concrete?

Just like with any surface, water damage can affect a multitude of various floor material – including concrete. The water collects, pools up and can enter concrete. The foundation of concrete is porous and that is where the water will eventually begin its breakdown, finding its way in. The water damage will cause the concrete to crack which is extremely dangerous if the concrete is based in the foundation of the house.

6. Water damage clean up Carlsbad: Can water damage fiber optic cable?

Although you may think that fiber optic cable is highly functional, with its quick and efficient network connection, however, when it’s hit by water, it can be very detrimental, causing repair costs and lost revenue if the water damage is in the business or if it’s in the home but associated with a business.

The strands of the fiber optic cable are usually not easily damaged with water – since it usually comes with advanced coatings designed to protect them from water – but can be damageable through the splice enclosures where the tips of the fiber strands are left without coatings so that they can be fused together.

Water damage restoration Carlsbad – costs

and additional tips

Depending on the type and how much damage there is, the flood damage mitigation cost and water damage repair quote can be very different from one another and the range of how low or how high you can pay can be astounding.

Here are a few general costs of certain damages to certain parts of your home:

– Ceiling and Roof – $800
The damages often done to the ceiling and roof are missing shingles, damaged flashing around the pipes, chimneys, skylights, and possible in valleys. They are also due to ice dams on the roof which then causes standing water. Roofs with low slops and an inadequate runoff can also be traced back as the source of water damage.

– Basement Damage and Flooding – $1,500
This can be caused by flooding, drainage issues, clogged gutters, burst pipes, and sewage backups. Depending on the size of the area affected, the cost can change greatly.

– Drywall – $500
This can cost $500 on average but usually won’t be less than $250 or more than $750. When the drywall gets wet, it normally has to be replaced – especially because of the possibility of mold growth.

– Floors and Hardwood -$350
These repairs won’t be less than $200 or more than $500. It can change depending on how much area is affected and how long the water has been sitting there.

– Broken or Leaky Bathroom Fixtures -$3,000
Although that is a steep price, if you factor in the possibilities of a leaky faucet, a cracked bathtub or a failing toilet, the prices can be a bit costly.

– Burst Pipes and Leaky Plumbing – $1,000
Normally, this type of water damage is caused by clogs and freezing. You can lower this case through regular inspections and maintenance.

8. Can water damage be fixed?

Yes! Especially with our experts of water damage rescue Carlsbad, here at Pacific Flood Restoration – we have the accreditations to pinpoint your problems and work on a solution to restore your home or business back to where it was before.

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