Smoke Odor Removal Services From Pacific Flood Restoration

Pacific Flood Restoration can provide your San Diego, CA home with smoke odor removal services, whether from a fire or years of indoor cigarettes.

Have a Great Smelling Home Again With Smoke Odor Removal

Have you recently purchased a home that smells of tobacco? Did you recently experience a house fire? Whatever the case, Pacific Flood Restoration can help you and your family enjoy your space again with professional smoke odor removal services. Using the industry’s best equipment, we swiftly get to work to drive out the smell of smoke from your San Diego home so you can enjoy healthy and clean air while cooking, relaxing, and eating again. Over the years, we have perfected the process and used environmentally friendly options to reduce our carbon footprint while treating your home. Give us a call today and allow our experts to inspect the home and restore it to its pre-fire and smoke condition.

Benefits of Smoke Odor Removal Services

Having Pacific Flood Restoration treat your home for the smell from a recent fire or years of using tobacco products such as cigarettes or cigars indoors means you can have fresh, clean air. This is only one of the benefits you will receive by working with our highly trained staff of restoration professionals. Below are some of the other benefits you can enjoy by hiring Pacific Flood Restoration from smoke odor removal services:

Improved Value: When you are looking to sell your home in San Diego, your potential buyers must enjoy the smell as they walk through the house. If you have enjoyed cigars and cigarettes indoors or experienced a fire, our smoke odor removal services can have it smelling great again in no time. This will help it sell and can increase the value of your home since they will not have to pay for this service after the purchase.

Kill Airborne Viruses: Removal of smoke odor can eliminate airborne viruses. Wildfire smoke can carry microbes unseen to the naked eye, leaving a significant impact even after DIY clean-ups. Our professional staff has access to cleaning solutions that will remove these from your house and office to decrease your chance of getting sick.

Prevent Further Damage: If you can still smell the smoke in your home, you may have it in cracks and crevices throughout the space. Our smoke odor removal services get deep into the home’s walls, floors, and more to remove the smell and prevent future damage or issues from these lingering areas.

How We Treat Your Home For Smoke Odor

Pacific Flood Restoration swiftly delivers our smoke odor removal services in your San Diego home using modern and innovative technology and solutions. We get down into every nook and cranny of the affected area to prevent further issues and damages from occurring due to smoke inhalation or lingering soot. If left unattended or only handled mildly, you can see effects on your personal health as well as the health of your home. On top of all of that, you will have a lingering smell of smoke which can attach itself to your clothes and furniture if not handled appropriately with the right tools and cleaning solutions. We aim to clean these surfaces before the smoke damage begins to stain and corrode the surfaces around your home.

Types of Smoke Odors We Can Remove

There are plenty of different types of smoke damage that can occur after experiencing a fire in or around the home. The experts at Pacific Flood Restoration will identify the source of the smoke damage, assess, and build a personalized plan of attack for smoke odor removal and damage restoration. Get back your home by giving us a call after experiencing any level of fire or smoke in your San Diego home. Below are some of the smoke odor removal services we have provided residents:

Wet Smoke: Primarily comes from plastic or rubber that has been burning. They both produce a heavy black smoke that leaves behind soot and stains almost everything it touches. It can be very harmful if inhaled.

Dry Smoke: One of the more common forms of smoke damage because it comes from wood and paper that has been burned. You will notice a light powdery substance left behind from these materials. When touched, it can leave behind minor stains.

Tobacco Smoke: Because of the popularity through the 80s and 90s, your home may have tobacco smoke odors left behind from people enjoying their cigarettes or cigars indoors. It can linger for years if left unattended, and you may even notice yellowing on your walls, blinds, and more.

Protein Residue: We see this type of smoke odor and damage primarily in the kitchen. If left unattended for too long, it can leave permanent stains in the affected area. It also may be difficult to see or smell with untrained senses. Please leave it to our professionals.

Petroleum Residue: As the name suggests, this form comes from burning gas. The residue left behind from this type of fire creates a sticky texture and an off-putting smell. It can also be very heavy and attach and ruin your clothes, furniture, and more.

Call on Pacific Flood Restoration Today For Help!

The team of smoke odor removal specialists at Pacific Flood Restoration comes equipped with the knowledge and tools required to efficiently and effectively clean and treat affected areas throughout your home. We make it completely safe to live life again in your space without residue or smells causing further damage. The sooner you call, the sooner we can remove the smells and residues of smoke. We work around the clock to make ourselves available when you need us most. Call today and schedule your initial inspection with Pacific Flood Restoration.

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