Rancho Santa Fe – Calle La Serra

May 20, 2021

Water heater stored in outside closet leaked into home gym and walk-in closet. Elevated moisture readings showed drywall, baseboards and home foundation were all saturated with water. Drywall within the closet which the water heater was stored, was also damaged. Luckily, in the walk-in closet, only carpet and baseboards were affected. The rooms that were affected were towards the back of the house.

When water mitigation was being performed, we used floor protection from entrance to affected areas. Technicians on site were able to move the gym equipment to remove wet carpet and drywall. An air lock containment was set in the gym to ensure faster drying in that room.

Unfortunately, if water heaters are not replaced every seven years, they tend to have
malfunctions, like leaks.

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