Carlsbad Mold Removal

Apr 13, 2021

Homeowners in Carlsbad noticed some mold growth under their sink in their laundry room. Pacific Flood Restoration was called out to inspect and remove any growth in affected room.

During our inspection, we determined the leak was coming from the ptrap under the sink. Elevated moisture readings determined that the drywall, cabinet sink, and some flooring was affected from the leak. Once the cabinet was removed, we had discovered that black mold had extensive growth throughout the cabinets.

An air lock containment was set in place for the laundry room to prevent mold spores to spread to other areas in the home. An air scrubber was also put in place to decontaminate the air. Once remediation was complete, we were able to do air quality testing to ensure the area was safe and clear of any mold. Overall process took about three days to finish.

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