How to properly Waterproof basement walls in first attempt

Basement walls are more prone to water damage which can result in mold growth, peeling paint, rotten wood and damp walls. The long-term solution to this problem is to waterproof basement walls properly to avoid future damage. 

So, Water enters the basement from three places – roof, overland, and through the soil—direct water away from the house by grading ground away from the basement (at least 2% slope). Inspect and repair gutters and downspout and install a sump pump and waterproof your basement.

Do :

  1. Locate moisture source: Use a condensation test to determine if the source is internal or external. Process: Dry out the problem area, wrap it in aluminum foil with the help of duct tape, and inspect after 24 hours. If foil didn’t collect moisture, the source is internal. Consider installing an exhaust fan to remove moisture.
  2. Fill cracks with hydraulic cement: Apply it on cracks with water seeping in. The cement expands and seals the gap. Make sure you mix small amounts as it sets fast.
  3. Seal the exterior walls with high-quality cement-based sealant.
  4. Fix window well leaks: Stop water from pooling around the basement window by digging 2 feet down and filling the space with gravel to disperses water.


  1. Repair the wall in the flooded basement as you can get electrocuted. Pump out the water before fixing the leak and waterproofing your basement.
  2. Apply sealant on painted wall remove paint before applying sealer
  3. Use plastic to waterproof as it peels off and moisture seeps through it. 
  4. Use limestone as a backfill as it reduces drainage efficiency by clogging the drain. 

 Keep the above advice in mind while waterproofing your basement. It will help you do it right the first time and not suffer from water damage issues.

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