Repairing damaged wood floors is a costly affair. You must assess the type and kind of damage before making a plan to fix your floor.

If you have a broken plank and the rest of the floor is in good shape. It is advised to replace that specific strip of the affected area with a similar wooden plank.

For more prominent dents in your hardwood floor, you must mark the area which is degraded so that you don’t accidentally misapply the wood floor filler to repair the damage. This can be done by thoroughly drying the appropriate epoxy mixture to the affected portion with a putty knife.

To restore your floor from water damage cost-effectively and quickly you should take the following steps:

  1. Check for the water level and open the doors and windows to ensure your basement is well ventilated. If the basement is too humid from the water damage, ensure that you use a good dehumidifier to dry out the basement and subfloor of the basement and remove excess moisture from the basement’s air. 
  2. Double-check the health of your flooring and if you find some water being collected, remove a few boards to help with the water removal and relieve the stress. 
  3. Repair work should start only when you have entirely dried the affected floor and subflooring and checked for any incidence of mold growth.
  4. If you have insured your floors, make sure you keep accurate records of the repairs you did and the supporting documents. To help you with the processes laid by insurance companies.


The potential dangers of hardwood floor buckling include the chances of further damaging the entire floor or a tripping hazard in hardwood floor buckling causes. If you observe damage across a large portion of the floor, it is advisable to replace the entire rotten section as it will be much more cost and time-efficient than repairing, moving walls, or renovating the space.

Find the root cause of the buckling floor. It can hide much more deep-rooted issues such as termites or mold formation, which can lead to the deterioration of the subfloor when left unchecked. There is a considerable possibility of damage if your wood floor is wet for long periods. It is essential to dry the affected floor area with large fans and dehumidifiers to help them dry faster and reduce the chances of mold formation and wood wrapping.

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