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Flood water damage repair Encinitas:

Questions & Topics we’ll cover:

– Is water damage covered by homeowners’ insurance in Encinitas?
– Who is liable for flood damage from flat above?
– What is water damage in a house?
– Water damage in your home: will it damage hardwood floors?
– Will it damage concrete?
Can water damage fiber optic cable?
Water damage restoration Encinitas – estimated costs
Can water damage be fixed?

Life sometimes hits with a wave of problems. From all the issues you face in your everyday life, we know that water damage can feel like a tsunami. If you need help with water damage cleanup in Encinitas, CA, let us help you with all the services you may need, from flood damage service to water damage cleaning service. We are the water damage pros in Encinitas and can help you no matter how big your flooding repair needs are.

If you are in need of flood damage restoration in Encinitas, you might have a few questions before you call. Here are our most frequently asked questions among new and old customers that you might have, as well.

Flood water damage repair Encinitas – Your Questions Answered

1. When is flood damage covered by insurance in Encinitas?

Depending on your insurance and depending on the type of water damage that has occurred, you may or may not be covered by your insurance policy. When in doubt, it’s always best to check with your insurance firsthand and read the fine print when it comes to seeing which damages will be covered and which will NOT.

Fortunately, no matter what the situation is with your insurance or what the circumstances are like with how the damage occurred, we at Pacific Flood Restoration will work with you to try and find a solution to all your flood problems.

There are a few different types of water damages that can occur, so just to clarify which ones are covered and which ones aren’t, we’re going to introduce you to a few terms that you will surely see when inspecting your insurance policy.

Most of the types of water damage found in your home or business can be nestled down to:

– Sudden or Accidental Discharge
– Sewer backup or water backup
– Overflow
– Flood
– Storm Related Water Damage

However, not all damage is covered by most insurance policies. Although we will always try out best to work with you no matter what your insurance says, in general, there are some types of water damage that are simply NOT covered.

These are usually referred to as “gradual damages” and can consist of damages that have occurred due to most cases of negligence or things that happen over the time even though you still had the opportunity to have them fixed and prevent this whole mess from happening.

Most policies will have these laid out for you, stating which incidents they do NOT cover but to just give you an introduction, in general, these types of water damage are NOT covered:

– If they find water damage on the walls, ceilings or floors, most of these problems can be sourced back to faulty plumbing, faucets or leaking pipes, which could be avoided with a simple inspection
– If they find that the water damage was caused by cracks in the foundation or at the exterior of your home where water has seeped through, which could also be avoided by inspections
– If they find that the water damage was sourced back to needing-to-be-replaced-flashing, tiles, shingles or deteriorating parts on the roof, which roots back to a fault of the owner
– If they find the water damage was originally traced back to an irresponsible track of mold, rot or corrosion
– If they find that the water damage was initiated by deteriorating electrical wiring in your home or business
– If they find that the water damage could have been avoided by proper repairs

2. Who is liable for flood damage from flat above?

Depending on your insurance and the insurance from the person who lives above you, this situation can get pretty tricky. However, when dealing with this sort of issue, you should contact your insurance policy personally and also, the person “at fault” here, which is the person living upstairs.

Between your policy and their policy, you SHOULD be covered. However, deciding which policy to choose to cover the damages is a conversation you should make with your neighbor and your insurance company – we are, however, always happy to advise and provide our recommendations.

3. Flood water damage repair Encinitas: What is water damage in a house?

Water damage doesn’t always have to look like a flash-flood in your kitchen. It can also be traced back to the smallest of problems which can lead to much, much bigger ones – costing you lots of money and a headache.

Therefore, it’s always good to have regular inspections and watch out for signs of these sources of most water damages in a household:

– Look out for a leaky or a burst pipe
– Try and get appliances like the dishwasher or washing machine fixed as quickly as possible
– Fix leaking showers to eliminate the possibility of that being the source of all your problems
– Have your roof inspected for cracks or breaks
– Be mindful of leaving the water running and mistakes like these
– Check your policy about weather and flooding water damage

4. Water damage in your home: will it damage hardwood floors?

If you have hardwood floors, you might not know if the water damage that has begun in your living room will affect it – we can tell, it will! The water will be seeped in and absorbed from the underside of the boards on your hardwood floor. This will cause the bottom of the board (the underside) to expand, causing a bow in the wood, which is called “cupping”.

The water will get through not only through the bottom of the board but also through cellulose fibers which are located within its seams. The water can also get to the wood through the surrounding baseboards and the breaks in the coating of each of the boards. Just because it looks impenetrable, doesn’t mean it isn’t.

5. Encinitas flood water damage repair: will water damage concrete?

One of the most seemingly indestructible types of material, it seems almost impossible that water can cause damage to concrete – but it can! Water will collect and pool up around it, causing it to seep in through the holes in the material. Once it has made its way inside, the water can break the concrete down from the inside out and cause it, eventually, to break on the inside, then making it way outside, in the form of a crack.

Another example – for those located in extremely cold weather, the seeping of water into concrete – especially in the foundation of the house can be extremely dangerous because the water will turn into ice and expand after it has already made its way inside the concrete. Once it expands inside the concrete, it will cause the concrete to swell, which puts the foundation of the house at risk.

6. Can water damage fiber optic cable?

Another seemingly unbreakable object, you would think that the coating around the fiber optic cable would protect it from water. However, the water can reach the cable and damage the entire thing through its splice enclosures at the exposure of the fiber strands of the tips. The water can enter into the cable through this opening and ruin the entire thing.

7. Water damage restoration Encinitas – estimated costs

Curious about how much water damage will cost before you put it into your insurance plan? Here are some examples of flood damage mitigation costs and water damage repair quotes to help you get a picture of how much you’ll be spending if you find yourself in these unfortunate circumstances:

– Ceiling and Roof – $800
– Basement Damage and Flooding – $1,500
– Drywall – $250-$750
– Floors and Hardwood – $200-$500
– Broken or Leaky Bathroom Fixtures – up to $3,000
– Burst Pipes and Leaky Plumbing – $1,000

Can water damage be fixed?

There are times that damage has gone beyond repair and you will be forced to repair certain flooring or material. To get the best quote and be covered by qualified services, you should make sure to check the background and accreditations of the company you’re using.

We’re proud to say that with all the companies out there, our clients come to us again when needed, and refer their friends and family members in need for help with water damage rescue in Encinitas.

With our level of expertise, broad range of services, and multiple certifications, we will get your home restored in the fastest time possible!

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