Undetected water leaks can be a significant cause of the accumulation of moisture behind the walls. When the damage is left undetected for a long time, it appears on the walls as a discoloration or mold colonies.

Such a situation can lead to unhealthy air quality, compromising the structural integrity posing a severe indoor hazard. The more you wait, the more damage can happen, costing you more money in replacement.

Look for the following things to identifying damaged drywall:

  1. Gypsum walls are made up of water-soluble and porous material. Which makes it more prone to water damage. If you see a sag, bulge in the wall, or some discolored stains, it’s most probably water-related damage.
  2. After the water dries off the paper, soft and smushy drywall can get separated and the gypsum can crumble. It is essential to draining excess water stored in the drywall by poking a small hole.


Steps to be followed while repairing drywall affected with water damage:


  1. Remove the damaged portion: It is essential to cut a rectangular or square piece as it can make the patching and fixing more natural. Be careful while cutting to ensure that you don’t damage the wires and plumbing behind the fixture.

 2. Install drywall replacement sheets: Make sure you fix the new drywall and smoothen it with sandpaper to make it seamless after repair.

 3. Paint and clean up: Apply a water-repellent primer before repainting the entire drywall to keep the drywall from sustaining damage again. Be sure to wear protective masks and eyewear to save you from the harmful dust and paint fumes. Clear up the debris and dust with the help of a vacuum cleaner and broom.


Time is of the essence in the repair or replacement of your water damaged drywall to ensure no further complications arise due to the setting of mildew and mold. With relevant and prompt action, you can make the damage practically invisible or non-existent. 

In summary, the steps involved in  Identifying the source of the leak, Assessing the damage caused, Removal of affected drywall and fixing it with a suitable replacement. 


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