How many times did you face an issue like mold, damp, peeling walls, rotting carpets, dripping ceilings in your basement? You hate it when it happens, but basements are very prone to moisture damage due to their location and lack of ventilation. 

 In this article, we discuss some common causes of wet basement and its solutions.

 1. Internal water leak:

The source of water in the shower, leaking sink, appliances like washing machine, dishwasher. If you find leaks on ceilings, which are below a bathroom or kitchen. It’s most probably an internal issue. 

Sol: Get the plumbing problem fixed with the help of a plumber and dry the environment.

2. Improper grading of yard:

Results in accumulation of water in the foundation as water flows towards the house than away from it.

Sol: Create a slope with at least a 2% slope to keep water away from the foundation.

 3. Crack in foundation:

Helps water get into the walls and seep into your basement.

Sol: Repair your external drainage system and stop water from accumulating around the foundation. Seal the cracks with a hydraulic cement

 4. Defective Gutters and downspouts:

Clogged gutters will not direct rainwater away from your house and accumulate around your home.

Sol: Install gutters. Ensure they dispense water at least 4 feet away from the foundation. Check your drain regularly.

 5. Condensation of water:

The difference in internal and external temperature results in condensation and moisture films on the walls and pipes.

Sol: Install exhaust or air conditions to dry out the moisture and increase basement circulation. Insulate walls, pipes ducts to prevent condensation.


In summary, you can prevent the accumulation of water by waterproofing walls, installing efficient drainage systems, getting sump pumps to extract water from the basement.And if your house is already suffering from severe water damage or you need expert help you can contact Pacific flood – San Diego water damage restoration company.

Unsure whether you should do it yourself or take profession help?  Read our article on When you should call a Water Damage Restoration Company

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